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Design & Installations

We work with superb quality local and national glass and acrylic aquarium manufacturers that can build any tank we design. We offer complete start-to-finish services including designing the aquarium and life-support systems, custom aquarium furniture and cabinetry construction, and complete and careful installation.


Aquarium Maintenance

LotsaFishies provides quality, professional saltwater and freshwater aquarium services throughout Nashville. We provide all necessary services to ensure your aquarium stays healthy and thriving while offering flexible maintenance programs that meet your scheduling needs and the requirements of your individual aquarium.


Breakdown Relocations

Whether you are trying to quickly get rid of an aquarium or find a buyer and maximize your sale we can help. We offer demolition, removal, and finishing/remodeling services for customers seeking to remove an existing aquarium from a residence or commercial building. The LotsaFishies aquarium relocation team can also help you professionally move your tank.


Fish Livestock

LotsaFishies has nearly 10 years of extensive experience hand-picking fish, corals, and invertebrates directly from the livestock wholesalers in Los Angeles for our customers and clients. Through our relationship with the wholesalers, we now bring in quality livestock orders once or twice monthly. If you have a livestock request, please feel free to contact us.




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